Exerpt from ebook 52 Quotes to live by

Zett Why

Oriental wisdom says that a tree only grows surrounded by other trees. Look at the trees growing in grassland. Their height is not really impressive. Then look at the trees in a forest. Fighting for sunlight, they become higher than each other. The same thing applies to people…

The only way to develop is through coping with problems, and who can be better in creating problems, than another person? Who can stimulate you to develop faster, than an enemy? Western logic may be able realize this with some difficulty, but Oriental wisdom says – “be happy when your enemy is strong”. Of course, everything depends on your view. You can see a problem as an unsolvable thing, or as an opportunity. It’s your choice.

Here, it’s worth mentioning that the reader should not pay too much attention to the existence of an enemy. This quote is not intended to stimulate you to create enemies. The only thing I am trying to point out is that a problem can be an Opportunity, too… Heaven loses its meaning without Hell Difficulties are very important to our development. Only in facing obstacles do we live a real life. One day I heard two people on street talking about Heaven. One of them said that all the things you desire are in Heaven, and your wishes are fulfilled at once. Walking away I thought, “Oh God, what a Hell…”

Imagine for at least a moment, that you have such an ability. Just snap your fingers, and any of your wishes becomes true. I know that egoism has no limits, but still – how long will you keep snapping?

Probably till it begins to nauseate you…

Exerpt from ebook “52 Quotes to live by