Exerpt from ebook “52 Quotes to live by” Fatigue – the consequence of civilization? „Face death every evening, so that you can be reborn in the morning…“ Zett Why Fatigue – the consequence of civilization? Look at modern man – feeling tired has almost become a fashion. It’s like an official statement that shows you are normal, like a sign that proves that you follow an insane rhythm in life step by step. Modern people, working from dawn till dusk in being relevant to all, feel very tired and complain about fatigue. A shroud of fatigue like a dense mist covers and lies on more and more people in the world…   People are trying to escape from the rat race and blindly following the illusion that a big amount of money means happiness. We’ll talk about this incorrect illusion in other parts of the book. Now let’s pay attention to fatigue and its real consequences. Doctors have even developed a new term for this phenomenon – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A survey of general practitioners shows that as much as 55% of their patients complain about this. Naturally, a question arises – why do we get so tired and from what? Causes of fatigue Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has various causes. The first is the fast pace of life and its growing requirements. The second is… BANNER The worst of it is that a person lying on a beach can feel constant tension in their head, caused by many unfinished tasks and other factors. But we only need so little. In growing up, many of us have lost the wonderful ability of just letting things go that we had in our childhood. Your mind is never on holiday Observe yourself in the evening before falling asleep – what a sea of unfinished tasks and thoughts live in your head. If due to this hive of thoughts, caused by circumstances, you fall asleep in a troubled state of mind, it will lead to a troubled night of sleep. Naturally, a person feels tired after not getting enough sleep. This has no end – we’re going around and around like dogs chasing our tails. Each of us has a particular amount of potential energy. Some have more, others have less, but we won’t talk about it in this part of the book. Every thought or action we make requires a certain amount of energy. It’s like a car – with a certain amount of fuel it can drive a certain distance. It’s the same thing with people. All your thoughts require some amount of energy, and here it’s worth mentioning that mental work leads to fatigue faster than physical work. Of course, it’s easier to recognize cases of physical fatigue, because the body simply gets tired, while in cases of mental work, the human mind is worn down. Each of us should also delve deeper into our internal world. We should clearly recognize what our internal energy is being used for. Maybe it is not being used for things you are presently doing, but instead, it is focused on things that have already been done, or should be done. Plus, this work doesn’t end after working hours or while on holiday. In our minds, we constantly feel and think about various desires, motives and so on, and while we may not always be aware of them consciously, they are with us all the time. Ways of solving the problem of constant fatigue Psychological tiredness causes constant stress. The most popular way of solving an internal conflict is to set it aside consciously or unconsciously. Because we don’t know what our behavior should be, we try to put the problem far away from us as an irrelevant thing. Sometimes we start to drink. It helps us forget for a time, but later it comes back with double force. The problem is not solved yet, and the body now has a hangover. Attempting to hide internal confusion requires a lot of energy. Even if you think you have managed to forget one or another problem, fatigue can be a symptom showing that that skeleton in your closet hasn’t come out into the light of day yet. You will have to work on it, or it will come out by itself, and this usually happens in a disturbing fashion. BANNER So when going to sleep every evening, let it all go – like it would be your last day on Earth. Leave the problem solving for your unconscious internal mind. It knows all the answers, but you will have to trust it, and ask it questions without mental tension. Many different cultures have a saying – “morning is wiser than evening”. Only a clean mind can be reborn every morning. Develop the art of letting go, and you won’t meet any obstacles on your Way. Exerpt from ebook “52 Quotes to live by