Zett Why

Exerpt from ebook “52 Quotes to live by

Many of you will admit that the main cause of our diseases and mental disorders is stress, usually arising from communication with other people. Relationships or interpersonal communication psychology between people is one of the most popular topics in mass media. Family life and professional relations are talked about while considering their various aspects. A lot of advice is given which is denied the next month, and new advice is offered.

Still, the majority of this advice leads in a different direction and doesn’t illuminate the main concerns. Meanwhile, all the real problems go on their own merry way, and may be solved and disappear.

In a family or a society – communication is the basis of everything. Human self-evaluation and realization are closely related to other people. Only in communicating with others and comparing ourselves with them can we realize who we really are. But communication itself isn’t a problem. The problem begins when we don’t get approval from our environment. To be precise – when the people around us don’t behave in line with our wishes.

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