Being yielding is an advantage

Bowing to something is in one or other way mentioned by many religions. One of well-known lessons tought by Christ says – “if someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also“. But show me a christian, faithfully following such a precept. The interpretation of being yielding is strained in our society. Being yielding actually is not self-effacement or humility in the name of some profit in uncertain kingdom of God. Devotees understand it like wordless acceptance of injustice, unconcern, common problems of mankind.

Christians took a formula of responding to an aggressor without violence, and are trying to go along the life way bowing, in easy manner, not getting to anybody other’s road, stopping short at praying. Although try to step onto their callus, and the imaginary bowing will be gone. However, this belongs to another topic. And above all, church teachers and wise people in this case talk about special quality. Quality, which helps to survive and win without fighting.

Water doesn’t fight, but it always wins

Problems in our society begin from childhood, and grow in one line with development of a person. Since early years we are being tought to win and achieve what we want, with any price. But show me home, where you can learn to be yielding. Women are honoured with yielding character by nature. Observe them, and you will learn many good things. Feminine power is hidden exactly in their ability to be yielding. It can seem that a woman descends to her husband and even humbles. But the point is in the result. In such a manner she gets everything what she seeks. I call this Water Character. So watch water – it doesn’t face any obstacles in its way. When water encounters a stone, it simply flows around, not hitting hindrance until goal achievement. Water doesn’t fight, but so it wins.

Egoism is the greatest enemy to bowing

What will you choose?

It is said that the more humans get older, the wiser they become. Observe the elders – majority of them will own being yielding as a quality. Only after going along great way of life, in which we experience continual losing, humiliation, and absolute failure of self-confidence, we try to realize being yielding as a little bit more than desperate prostration.

To get totally free from disgust to the idea of bowing, and understand it as a way to the real human freedom, to find strength in seeking bowing as a quality, we need to conquer ourselves and change personal values at first. You will need much time for all this. Egoism and old habits won’t capitulate easily. You will want to riot in each step. Until finally and not hiding from yourself, you will confess that it’s relevant to choose in the situations of life – I can proudly continue hitting the wall, or I can bow to it and adapt.

I ensure – when you turn bowing into your quality, you will come much more further. Start from small steps. As you learned to walk in childhood, learn being yielding today. First victories will bring joy, which will work as a stimulus to move on. And the miracles will begin after that. What are they – you will know later. Be attentive and observe yourself.

I reveal you one more secret – looking at circle of communicating people, you should notice that basically each one is talking to himself. He who can hear his friend, is the winner in such a situation. With an intention of achieving it, we must reduce our significance till zero. After that you should do everything to strengthen the significance of others. When you follow this principle, people will notice that you don’t cause any danger. As a consequence, they will become more honest with you. Paradoxically, your significance in their eyes will only grow…

2nd quote from 52 quotes to live by
By Zett Why