Everything what belongs to you comes easy and with joy...

Zett Why

Tension generates violence

Human way is hard enough, when consciousness is put in the shade with goals. While we haven’t achieved, we have a possibility. After achievement we also have a possibility. Achieving something, we shrivel up more and more. It pollutes our consciousness. Problems won't be solved if we will increase speed. Jumping to uncertainty requires us to throw off all our entity and knowledge. More than one state and human will fall down from increasing achievement speed.

Then you increase speed, tension grows. Tension generates violence. Violence brings suffering. As a consequence, any alive organism becomes ill. It seems that human is created in such a way, and that constant achievement is the real movement. Unfortunately, it's the straightest way to suffering.

Everything what belongs to you comes easy and with joy. Other things probably don't belong to you. When achieving it in violence, you only harm yourself.

Inner potential and desires

Remember rare life situations, when everything used to work by itself, like without efforts. It was enough to think that you desire something, and it used to become true. You only were surprised, how it all happened. It's not a secret actually. Your desire became one with inner potential.

An adult, raising a weight of ten kilos, doesn't need to make big efforts. A hundred isn't limit to trained person. As body muscles, inner potential also can be increased. But here you should remember, that it is done by internal, not by outer means. Each part has its own means.

Watching people from the side, every time I make a conclusion, that many things are limited by our senses and intellectual frame. The biggest problem is that when we think that we want something, it's often difficult to differentiate, which desires are ours, and which are imposed by society and environment. It's very hard to separate desires, created by egoism…

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